Finnish Greens for Science and Technology in a nutshell

Finnish Greens for Science and Technology (Viite) is an umbrella association of the Finnish Greens, grounded in 2008. The most important goal of the association is to advance political decision making that is based on scientific knowledge. Viite combines a green value system with the methods of scientific research.

With its activities, Viite aims to advance green values, such as protection of nature and the human environment, transformation towards sustainability, social equality, justice and tolerance. Viite is a feminist association.

Viite wishes to advance the use of objective and high quality research knowledge as the basis for decision making, realization of a citizen-oriented knowledge society, responsible employment of technology that advances the well-being of people and nature, and critical debate regarding the role of science and technology in society.

Earlier, research related to politics was mainly understood as social scientific, legal or economic research. Today also natural and behavioural sciences as well as technological research are required. Renewable energy, gene therapy or information security call for completely new kind of expertise from decision makers. The members of Viite represent all sciences, from humanists to engineers.

Viite is currently building an international collaborative network of people who wish to promote the use of scientific research and expert knowledge in political decision making. Please join us!

More information (in Finnish) about the Finnish Greens for Science and Technology at, and about local associations, Green Economists and Green Humanists and Social Scientists here.

Everyone (also non-members) are welcome to discuss topical issues in the Facebook group of Viite or on our Twitter. You can also contact us via email

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