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Why join Viite? 

  • A scientifically minded community. You will meet people from all over Finland who share your values.
  • Fora for learning and sharing. We organize events where you will get to discuss politics, nature loss, electric cars and other important topics. In addition, you will get to discuss current issues with other Viite members on Discord and Kasvimaa.
  • Opportunities to make a difference. As an active member, you can help promote politics based on researched knowledge.

Which local associations should I join? 

At the bottom of the page is a list of local Viite member associations. If there is already a local Viite member association in your area, you should primarily join that association, since then you will be able to participate in local politics. However, you can also direction join the ubrell assocation, which serves as an administrative home for the local associations.

When can I join? 

You are welcome to join at any point in the year! The size of the membership fee depends a bit on when you join. More on this in the next section.

What are the requirements of membership? 

Any person may join Viite if they have reached the age of 15, accept the purpose of the association, and are a Finnish citizen or a foreigner domiciled in Finland.

Note that Viite membership automatically confers membership in the Green Party. A member may not be a member of another registered party.

A Green Party member may, however, belong to as many Green associations (such as Viite) as they desire, so membership in another Green Party association is not a problem.

How much does it cost to join? 

Viite membership automatically confers membership in the Green Party. The Green Party membership fee in 2024 is 48 euros. For a person of limited means (student, unemployed, etc.), the fee is 18 euros.

If you are joining as an entirely new Green Party and Viite member, pay your membership fee when you fill out the membership form.

If you already have a membership, you can pay your membership fee through the online service (more information here). All Green Party members also receive an annual email with instructions for making a bank transfer.

You may of course also support Viite without joining, by making a donation.

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Joining a local association:

Espoon tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Helsingin tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Hämeen tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Kaakkois-Suomen tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Keski-Suomen tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Oulun vaalipiirin tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Pirkanmaan tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Satakunnan tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Savo-Karjalan tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Vantaan tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Varsinais-Suomen tieteen ja teknologian Vihreät

Did you not find your own region on the list? Then join the umbrella assocation via the Green Party membership form:

Viite – Tieteen ja teknologian vihreät

Welcome on board to support politics based on researched knowledge and promote green values, freedom, responsibility and caring via scientific and technological means!